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Kitchen compost bin GAJA

In every kitchen, a lot of leftover food accumulates daily, from peels, salads, spoiled fruit, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea filters to leftovers from plates. All of this waste eventually ends up in a composter or in a bio-waste container. Before that, they are temporarily stored under the counter, in a trash can or on the balcony in a bag. All of this waste eventually just ends up in the compost or in the bio-waste container, but from time to time we can’t run out for every pile of waste. However, there are also days when we simply do not have a lot of waste, so we store them in a nice plastic container right on the kitchen counter so that it is as close as possible. And until the container is full, the waste accumulates little by little, the bacteria in the waste work quickly and from our beautiful container in the middle of the kitchen counter begins to spread an unpleasant odor, and insects happily dance around the room, even a worm curls and rolls around the counter. This phenomenon is especially disturbing in the summer months, when the climate is pleasantly warm. This is a story that takes place in almost every kitchen.

Organic waste in the kitchen

Kitchen compost bin GAJA is a great solution for collecting biological waste right on the kitchen counter and completely odorless. The product is ideal for collecting kitchen waste when preparing food or leftovers from a plate. The collected waste can be disposed in your composter for home production of natural, nutritious compost. It can also disposed of in a bio-waste collector.

Kitchen composter bin GAJA is a convenient solution

STAINLESS STEEL – a durable material where there will be no rust, stains or scratches. The material will not chip or pick up odors.

Kitchen composter bin GAJA dimensions

CARBON FILTERCARBON FILTER – two activated carbon filters absorb unpleasant odors and prevent them from escaping into the room. The white pre-filter protects the direct contact of the waste with the carbon filter and thus prolongs its operation. The white pre-filter is washable and washed with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Reinstall together with the dry carbon filters. We do not cut the charcoal filters, as this would destroy the activated carbon. The filter set is replaced after 4-6 months of use.


EASY TO CLEAN – easily washable in your washing machine or you can chooes to wash it by hand in warm soapy water. Do not wash the filters.

CONVENIENT – the product can be placed on the kitchen counter or under the sink, wherever the most convenient space for your waste disposal is. Waste can be collected without fear of flies or unpleasant odors in the room. Waste can be disposed directly in kitchen compost bin GAJA or a suitable biodegradable bag can be placed inside. Pay attention to the separation of waste when using a plastic bag.

Convenient placement of kangl’ce GAJA: on the counter or under the sink

USEFUL – in addition to collecting biological waste, the product is also suitable for collecting small amounts of baby diapers.


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