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Garden composter GAJA

It is easy to compost! Garden composter GAJA is a great way to dispose your organic waste and make your own compost.
Garden composter GAJA makes garden compost in just a few weeks. It is made of stainless steel for optimal longevity and durability.

It is lightweight and easy to turn with large handle. It can easily be used in small to medium size gardens. Place it somewhere handy and with easy access.

Garden composter GAJA® – care for the environment and save money


To make quality compost, you need a balanced mix of greens and browns. Browns are carbon or carbohydrate-rich materials, while greens are materials that are rich in nitrogen or protein.

Brown materials include: dry leaves, wood chips, straw, sawdust, corn stalks, chipped tree branches, pine needles, newspaper, coffee filters.
Green materials include food scraps, grass clippings, coffee grounds and recently pulled weeds.

Best composting demands the proper ration of your browns and greens and also the proper ratio of wet and dry ingredients.

With our garden composter GAJA the only thing you need to add is a proper amount of saw dust or wood pellets. This way all excess water can be absorbed.

Check video about composting

A great advantage of our garden composter GAJA is its ability to reach up to 55 degrees Celsius, which enables us to compost even cooked food, eggshells, citrus and banana peels.

We can also compost heat-treated organic waste and small bones

In order to obtain quality compost, it is important to compost as diverse waste as possible from both the group of green and brown substances. Wood pellets or dry sawdust are a necessary addition to the compost, because without carbon there will be no process of decomposition or. fermentation will be disrupted. To obtain the best possible compost, we invite you to view the table, where the waste is divided into a group of dry and wet and the content of carbon and nitrogen.

Wood pellets for compost enrichment


NATURE-FRIENDLY OPERATION – with GAJA composters we process waste in a completely natural and airy way, which does not cause unpleasant odors and methane, that would burden the neighbors or the environment.

APPLICABILITY IN ALL ENVIRONMENTS – the GAJA® composter has a pleasant appearance, optimal size and can be installed in a space that is most convenient for waste disposal and for emptying and removing compost to the garden.

EASY HANDLING – the use of GAJA® compost is childishly easy, as we paid a lot of attention to the details that made the product as user-friendly as possible during development. The GAJA® composter has excellent ventilation, which is achieved by rotation. When rotating, the flow of oxygen is better and thus the decomposition of biological waste is even faster. The GAJA® composter has installed bearings that significantly facilitate rotation, especially when both compartments are filled. The stand is made entirely of stainless steel, which increases stability and extends the life of the product.

Kompostnik GAJA z dvema prekatoma
Composter GAJA with two compartments

INVESTMENT IN A GREEN FUTURE – the composter is mostly made of stainless steel and represents an economical one-time investment for a long period of time, with which you will take care of the environment and future generations.

Composting circle

By composting in your garden not only you produce excellent compost for your garden so your plants can grow healthy, you also save a lot of money, as you can reduce your utiliy bills and save money on fertilisers.

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