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Compost is simply decayed organic matter. It is a rich, dark brown substance. It should be crumbly and should smell good.

How does compost happen? The process of biodegradation occurs naturally. Compost introduces and feeds diverse life in the soil, including bacteria, insects, worms, and more, which support vigorous plant growth.

As compost is a perfect nutritient for every garden you can recreate the process in your own backyard.

Naraven kompost
Natural compost

Composting is a great way to reduce your food waste and greenhouse gas emissions. But it can also seem like an overwhelming task.
Composting isn’t as diffincult or as smelly as you might fear. Anyone can compost in any location, as long as they understand the basics
of this all-natural process. Learn how it works, why it’s beneficial to the environment, and how to make it work for your garden and your plants.

Kompostirajmo in reciklirajmo
Let’s compost and recycle!


Composting is turning garbage into black gold. Not only it is good for your garden but it also demonstrates your environmental awareness.

S kompostiranjem vračamo naravi.
By composting we return to the nature

BETTER SOIL – Compost improves soil properties and crop productivity.
MORE NUTRIENTS – Compost contains the full spectrum of plant nutrients.
SOIL STRUCTURE – Compost alters the structure of the soil nad helps to retain moisture. It makes soil more airy and helps to drain better.
RICH SOIL – Compost makes any soil easier to work and cultivate.
PREVENTING GARDEN PESTS – Compost contains microorganisms that protect your plants from diseases and pests and therefore reduces the need for pesticides.

Kompostiranje za zdrav vrt
Composting for healthy garden

LESS WASTE – Organic waste make up to 25-50% of what people throw away. We need to reduce landfill waste and composting is a great way to do that.
LESS GREENHOUS GASES – Composting reduces the release of methane gas, which is a potent greenhouse gas.
LESS FERTILIZERS – Compost contributes to plant nutrition and reduces demand for artificial fertilizers.
NO NEGATIVE EFFECT – Composting has zero negative effects on the soil, plants and enviroment in general.
RICH SOIL, HEALTHY PLANTS – Composting results in rich sopil and healthy plants without the use of artificial fertlizers.

Kompostiranje za zdravo zemljo
Composting for healthy soil

How to start composting?

Composting is a great way to spend qualitiy time outdoors, in the nature. Find your spot for your compost pile or garden composter somewhere handy and with easy access. Don’t let too much info about composting scare you – it’s easy and it’s fun – or at least – extremely satisfying.

The results are going to be magnificent!

Naraven kompost za zelenjavo
Natural compost for the vegetables