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Composting alphabet

ll organic waste, including eggshells, citrus fruits, meat scraps and even chicken and fish bones can be used in our garden composter GAJA®.
eing garden composter GAJA® user is fun for the whole family – handling is so easy even children can handle it.
crka composting all-year-round is possible only with our garden composter GAJA®, since it works in all seasons, also in winter.
crka ddo you want to turn your kitchen leftovers, vegetables from the garden and green clippings into a new product – compost?
crka e cological solution for every house, apartment, holiday apartment, cottage, mountain hut or village.
crka financial savings of at least EUR 250.00 per year, as we no longer have to pay for the bio-waste removal services or purchase fertilizers when using the GAJA® composter.
crka gAJA® is a Slovenian product, the only house composter on our market, which processes over 60 kg of compost in 4 weeks, in completely natural ways, without stimulants and artificial additives.


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