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About us

OUR MISSION – We provide teh best composting equipment for easy handling and saving our planet by composting.
Garden komposter GAJA is our own product and it’s a perfect solution for organic waste in every household.
Kitchen compost bin GAJA is both a cute and an efficient way to collect organic waste right on the kitchen counter.

OUR VISION – Our vision is to become a master in the science and engineering of composting in order for you to become a composting expert.
We strive to preserve the planet, protect the enviroment and feed our soil the way it feeds us – by rich nutritients, vitamins and minerals.

OUR GOALS – Our goals are manufacturing our own product for composting, offering a variety of garden products,
a long-term local and international growth and a good brand recognition.
We struggle to provide the best product and continue to satisfy our customers.

OUR CREATIVITY – We love to explore, create and educate. We are continuing to realize green ideas and focus on the aeras in need of change.
We take proud in our products, as they offer life-long quality and do not harm the enviroment.


  • We value authentic relationships.
  • We love to educate and believe that learning is a life-long process.
  • We strive for a green and a more sustainable future.


  • We manufacture our own products and work closely with Slovenian manufacturers.
  • We are constantly expanding our offer our localy manufactured products.
  • We educate childrens in kindergardens and schools to teach them about composting.
  • We participate in school project and donate our product to schools across Slovenia.
  • This way children can learn how to care for the enviroment.
  • We were the first to introduce the BIG HANNA