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An advanced technological formula that contains completely natural extracts, designed to eliminate unpleasant odours outdoors or indoors. A reaction occurs in the process of mineralisation, in which Norasystem establishes a balance, restores the natural condition, and eliminates unpleasant odours.

Outdoor use of Norasystem:
- composting plants

- waste disposal sites, waste dumps, waste collection centres

- processing industry (paper, hide, rubber)

- treatment plants

- farms (pig farms, poultry farms)

- outdoor areas, parking areas, basements, streets with an unpleasant odour or urine

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Indoor use of Norasystem
- hospitals
- care homes
- health facilities in general
- hotels
- restaurants, kitchens, canteens.......................................................

Primer uporabe v domovih za starejše občane kuhinja Uporaba razpršila v sanitarijah

The liquid is a concentrated agent that has to be diluted before use; the ratio depends on the odour intensity. Versatile use:

  • Freshening and purifying air due to unpleasant odours caused by diaper changes for the elderly in care homes and hospitals.
  • Cleaning floors in organisations.
  • Installation of sprayers in halls for neutralisation of odours.
  • Air freshening in toilets and for prevention of unpleasant odour spread to other areas.
  • With a spray curtain to stop kitchen odours from reaching the dining area, freshening the air, and neutralising food smells.


A disinfectant hand and body soap is also available, which completely neutralises unpleasant odours (e.g. fish, cigarette smoke, garlic, etc.).


Soap is most often used in health care for disinfection of hands and other body parts, but is also used in hotels and kitchens.

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