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The ABCs of composting

The ABSs of composting

re you aware that the GAJA Composter can compost all organic waste, including egg shells, citruses, remains of mean, and even chicken and fish bones?


y composting you can recycle all your kitchen food waste, garden vegetables, and green trimmings into a new product – compost.
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omposting throughout the year is possible only with the Gaja Composter, as it works in all seasons, even during the winter.

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iscover how easy it is to use the Gaja Composter – so easy that even kids can do it.

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cological solution for every house, apartment, holiday home, weekend home, mountain cabin, or village.

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inancial savings are abundant, as we no longer have to pay for biological waste collection of purchase artificial fertilisers or other substances to enrich the soil in gardens, if we use the Gaja Composter.

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aja is a Slovene product, the only home composter available on the Slovenian market, and can generate over 60 kg of compost in 4 weeks, in a completely natural way, without catalysts or artificial additives.




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